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LNJ Designs Promo Video || The Art of Storytelling
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What does it take to tell a compelling story with video?

Our video production strategy is centered around the art of storytelling.

A compelling story is more than just words on a page or sounds from a screen. The art of storytelling starts with an idea that is nurtured and well executed.

The art of storytelling ensures that your message is delivered clearly and concisely to your viewers.

Inquire today to see how we can incorporate the art of storytelling into your next video production project. 



We start each major project with a
virtual design thinking session. This session allows us to work with your team to understand your project’s end goals
and the steps we should take to
accomplish them. We provide a custom approach to each project.


Strategic planning is essential to our production process. During this pre-production phase, we are gathering all the information we need to create production guides, script development documents, video treatments, and anything else need to make production days run smoothly.


After design conceptualization and planning phases, we jump into producing quality content and deliverables for your project. Our work doesn't end after your video shoot. We provide a thorough and complete post production process. This is where we work our magic and put all the elements together to tell your story. 



Our crew is not only talented but also very diverse in their skillset. Our team members have worked in a wide variety of professions including event management, podcast development, education program management, non-profit development, corporate relations, and marketing. Together, these skillets combine to create a team that is ready to tackle the needs of your video project. 

We are skilled industry professionals with a strong eyes for detail, impeccable professionalism and promptness, and flexibility to adapt in fast paced and
rapidly changing environments. Our team has over 70 years of combined creative and visual arts industry experience and all of our team members are experts dedicated to their craft.